My commitment is to ignite people to become inspired with the
beauty of life, through cultivating, integrating and embodying
streams of truth that are prompted from the heart and illuminated through the mind. These moments are experienced in quiet reflections and contemplative practice in the presence of horses coupled with the curiosity to explore more deeply into our own belief structures. Whether I’m engaged with adults who are in the midsts of transition and transformation in their own lives, seeking guidance, or teaching youth to see their own developing strengths and to live an authentic mindful life, caring for nature, animals and people with empathy and compassion.

I began this deep call to service almost twenty years ago  and I’ve supported hundreds of people over the past ten years. Spirit Gate is evolving, growing and expanding. From a small three acre urban
farm in Victoria to a seventy acre country ranch in the Cowichan
Valley, this has been a testament to faith, belief and a commitment
to serve through my own passion and inspiration.


My Service is threefold;

  1. To inspire, enrich and educate horse owners about Applied Animal Behaviour  as it applies to training and resolving unwanted behaviours to build an even better relationship.

  2. To support adults to undue self imposed limitations; explore and discover insights of themselves through a mind - body connection and integrate and embody deeper connections to Self.

  3. To provide an environment that honours the connection to animals and nature.

I’m now reaching out to community both local and global to assist in this growing venture. We live in a beautiful temperate climate that thankfully rains several months of the year, but this also inhibits our programs. In order to reach more people year round we need to construct an indoor arena, large enough that not only serves the needs of Spirit Gate Farm, but to the extended community as a place to serve your initiatives in alignment with our core values.

I’ve chosen the local company We Cover to construct the arena. Their workmanship and product is exceptional. The budget for this project is between$400,000 - $500,000….not a small undertaking, but I believe this project will manifest with community support and strong faith.

If this feels like a project you are interested in contributing too, please consider calling me and I’ll be happy to offer you more information.

In love and service,